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Painting the interior of your home is an important decision as a homeowner, because you’ll be living with your choice of colors for a very long time!   The particular paint products you choose, the colors you choose, the finish that you choose and more importantly the painter you choose will determine the quality of your finished project.

All Pro Construction has extensive experience with residential interior painting projects and we can help you make the right decisions when it comes to what products work best, where they should be applied in your building and why they will be the best for you!  We can help you choose your colors that will best compliment your existing decor.  Whether you just want to repaint a single room in your home, the entire interior of your home or even a new residential construction project All Pro Construction can provide you the quality job you’re looking for.

We Provide The Following Interior Painting and Finishing Services:

  • Re-Painting Walls & Ceilings
  • Painting Trim & Moulding
  • Interior Wood Staining ( cabinets, trim, doors, furniture, post & beam)
  • Faux Finishes & Painting
  • Drywall finishing and repair ( Water damage and hole patching )

Other Painting Services We Provide:

Exterior Deck Staining is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your deck quickly and affordably.  Not only does a fresh coat of stain on your deck keep your home looking great but it also serves as a barrier of protection against the elements.  Sun, Wind, Rain and Freezing weather all take it’s toll on your decks stain job.  Over time the stain will start to fade, flake and peel off  and then you’re looking for guys like us to restain it for you.

While we can’t paint your house and tell you it will last forever, we can certainly tell you that a All Pro Construction paint job will look much better and last much longer than most.  Do we use any special paints?  No, Not really… But we are very meticulous with every detail of your painting project, especially the planning and prep work, which is what really makes a quality paint job last a long time.

With Every Painting Project We Will:

  • Provide proper protection and covering of your floors, molding, windows, furniture, and any other surfaces that are not to be painted.  We are extremely careful in this regard, because it’s our responsibility to keep your property spotless.
  • Remove and put back electrical socket/switch plates, ceiling fan/lamp covers, thermostats and any other wall or ceiling devices necessary.

Transforming your current home into your dream home is what All Pro Construction does best. Not only that, but a professional painting project on your home can make a great positive impact on the resale value of your home, too.

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